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Ignited by the beauty of knowledge, the opalescente research of new molecules of rejuvenation protocol permeates our unique signature…


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The most recognisable brand in the nanobiolifesciences biotech world; Rama Rochester is one of the world’s most successful and respected bioscience companies. Present internationally.

Rama Rochester is a company synonymous with revolutionising nutritionals biotech health products.

We share your vision achieve and remarkable – dedicated in house team… providing na unforgettable build…

“We share your vision and achieve the remarkable”

“Dedicated in house team working…”

Rama Rochester Awards

The Rama Rochester award is a innovation Health science recognition of the most important research made internationally.

Prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges independently choosed.

This award was established in 2006 to indentify and honor exceptional scientists. Honorees are selected nased on the quality, novelty, and the impact of their own research and their potential for further significant contributors to science.

Contacts should be send to:

Providing the unforgettable Made with experience From the vision, to the first plataforma concepts, we only provide one unique result. We connect our world with your health with the highest developments

The Next Generation # 1

2015 saw the beginning of a new chapter: the Rama Rochester brand started working with in the biggest rebranding of all their brands and explore how innovations in celular reprogramming can be applied in its products.

The spirit of the brand's founder Dr. Rama can be felt in today's most cutting-edge research, which puts the effectiveness of science and medicine in the service of human health.

Out of this world, we´ve always known by our most iconic products.

Global Health. Micro & Macro Supremacy

Memorable youth generating with nano-bioscience. Our research and development is concentrated by the DNA we start the company in the most advanced molecules.

We offer a novel range of innovative products

“All great things begin with a vision that surpasses mankind… and then born a new concept”